Work flow

Work flow

(1) Contact

Start by discussing your concerns and requirements on the Contact page of this website. Consultations are free of charge.
You can contact us by telephone, email or online meeting.

(2) Quotation and Contract

We will propose a contract plan and remuneration according to the details of your consultation.
We carry out the work after signing a confidentiality agreement and other agreements.

(3) Completion

Once the work is completed, the remuneration is settled and the contract is completed.
Follow-up after completion of the contract is also carried out without fail.

Exclusive Consultancy (Advisory contracts)

The process from consultation to contract is the same as (1) to (2) above, even in the case of advisory contracts.
You can freely choose the method of payment of your remuneration during the contract period, such as semi-annual lump-sum payments, annual lump-sum payments or half payments for each division or group company.
Even during the contract period, the contract can be flexibly changed according to your needs and circumstances.